Pakistan Independence Day quotes in Urdu with Name - 14 August

Pakistan Independence Day quotes in Urdu. Try this Lovely Jashan e Azaadi image in urdu and write your name. Celebrate 14 August 2020 by using wishes.

Every year on August 14, cities and villages across Pakistan wake up during a celebration of independence and national pride.

Celebrations within the country begin within the days leading up to August 14. The ensign are often seen in various sizes on balconies, cars and iconic landmarks. Green and white fairy lights illuminate the streets.

Shopkeepers celebrate the Independence Day by making different customized orders such as t-shirts, mugs, badges etc. representing Pakistan’s flag. On the roadside, locals are often found selling similar items, except in wooden carts which will be pushed from one place to a different . Most are united via a sense of patriotism.

The dominant green color the flag is claimed to represent the Muslim majority and therefore the white colour the non-Muslim minority, a spiritual split that's still pertinent today, although, the flag was designed at the time of partition in 1947. On today , Pakistanis also wear white or green clothing to mark the occasion.

Pakistan Independence Day quotes in Urdu with Name - 14 August

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