Pakistan Independence Day Mug with Photo and Name Wishes

Pakistani independence was a tough fought battle for sovereign rights and non secular freedom. Pause for the cause and remember those that died to liberate Pakistan.

Pakistan Independence Day Mug with Photo and Name Wishes

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All over the planet , there are those with Pakistani heritage who celebrate Pakistan Independence Day with bursts of color, great food, lively music, and warm friends. Get inspired and make your own mini-festival at home!

On Pakistan Independence Day , there are "changing of the guard" ceremonies at national monuments, including the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah who is taken into account to be the founding father of Pakistan.

From candles in their homes, to grease lamps on the streets, to extravagant fireworks displays, Pakistanis pay homage to the brilliant light of independence during the evening hours of Pakistan Independence Day .

Countries round the world have fought hard to win freedom and standing as independent nations. The Pakistanis not only fought for independent sovereignty but they also battled for religious freedom.

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