Happy Birthday Collage With 2 Big Photos and Name

The uniquest happy birthday collage with 1 photo in background and 1 photo in foreground. You will love the way it will come out with name, try once.

Happy Birthday Collage With 2 Big Photos and Name

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Birthday Wishes With Name And Photo

Big photos attract more, so we have designed a birthday collage for you guys with following features

Set a high reesolution photo in the background of the collage with a darker overlay. You have to set it's position in way that it work best.

On the foreground use a brillient photo of the person you are going to wish, this could be single photo or any photo with you. Try a brighter image for this, it will pop out best.

Write the name of person you are sending this collage, or you can write any text you want.

Express you love and friendship with the birthday person by send this happy birtdhay collage directly. You can even create birthday cake with name for wishing that person.

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